What Are the Different Editions of PAYDAY 3?

What Are the Different Editions of PAYDAY 3?

By  Mike Crewe - 19th Sep 2023

More bank for your buck

What Are the Different Editions of PAYDAY 3?

It’s time to plan your next big heist, because Starbreeze Studios’ next entry into its loot-em-up series, PAYDAY 3, is almost here! New York City is the target of the Payday Gang’s latest money-making antics this time, so much for retirement! But which of the three available versions of PAYDAY 3 is the right one for you? We’re here with a breakdown of what’s included in each one, so let’s get to it! Starting with…

PAYDAY 3 - Standard Edition

The basic version of PAYDAY 3 gets you the game (thank goodness) as well as the pre-order bonus: The Trifecta Loot Bag. This contains a swanky new outfit and masks to ensure you’re the sharpest-looking thief in history! The Obsidian Glitz Outfit and Venomous Verdigris Mask are sure to charm anyone you just so happen to take hostage.

PAYDAY 3 - Silver Edition

Next up is the Silver Edition, which also includes the pre-order bonus, as well as some extra goodies! Firstly, anyone who pre-purchases this edition will get three days early access, to get a head start on raking in the cash. Also included is the Dark Sterling mask, a rather fetching-looking silver-skull mask that will help keep those pesky police off your trail.

Finally, there’s the six-month season pass. This includes several items set for release, including new outfits and masks, as well as brand-new weapons for when you need to bring the heat. But wait, that’s not all! Also included are two new heists to scope out and raid, giving players a chance to earn even more wads of cash!

PAYDAY 3 - Gold Edition

If you’ve got the cash, then this edition certainly has the goods! The Gold Edition of PAYDAY 3 is the ultimate digital version for any would-be virtual criminals (we definitely do not condone holding up real-life businesses!) to make the most from their time in the city that never sleeps. This prestigious edition includes everything found in the Silver Edition, as well as the three-day early access and pre-order bonus.

In addition, you’ll gain access to the Golden Slate Gloves (for truly stylistic larceny) and the Skull of Liberty mask, should you wish to cosplay as Lady Liberty herself. Then we have the one-year season pass, which will include everything from the six-month pass, and more! Not only will you be treated to new cosmetics and weapons packs, but a grand total of four heists will be made available! Not bad for a shady criminal, right?

With PAYDAY 3 set for release on 21st September, 2023, we don’t have long to wait (especially with that early access bonus!) so don your best suit, pull on that mask, and let’s go find a bank to loot!

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