What Does Destiny 2: Lightfall Bring to the Table?

What Does Destiny 2: Lightfall Bring to the Table?

By  Nathan Lakritz - 13th Feb 2023

Everything we know about the upcoming expansion.

What Does Destiny 2: Lightfall Bring to the Table?

Lightfall, the seventh expansion for Destiny 2, brings players to Neomuna, the capital city of the planet Neptune. It’s home to a brand new campaign (with legendary difficulty available) that involves mystery, darkness, and technology. Allied Cloudstriders will aid players on their quest against Calus’ upgraded army, and monstrous Tormentors pose a great threat to your mission. Lightfall can be purchased as either a standard edition or annual pass edition, both of which include in-game bonuses.

Alongside the new story, the upcoming expansion introduces a subclass that utilises Strand — a darkness power that acts as thread-like psychic energy. This takes the form of a grappling hook that players can use at any time, without needing to latch onto a physical surface. Strand unlocks a new dimension of fluid movement, since players will be able to manoeuvre through the air at will. As for class-specific weapons created by Strand, Warlocks get a multi-missile attack, Hunters wield a dagger-pointed whip, and Titans equip razor-sharp claws.

Lightfall also makes changes to several game systems. An in-game LFG (looking for group) system will now be available, helping players find fellow Guardians to raid with. Guardian ranks offer 11 levels that represent a player’s experience and achievements within Destiny 2, and combined with LFG, rank levels will distinguish veterans from new players to allow for more positive social interactions and efficient grouping. In addition, a commendations menu at the end of each activity allows teammates to be rewarded in four categories: Ally, Fun, Mastery, or Leadership. This further identifies the most desirable Guardians to group up with using the new tool. Similar features in other MMORPGs have seen great success and many players are excited for the significant changes coming to Destiny 2.

There is also a major loadout system upgrade to let players easily save armour and mods into swappable profiles, similar to the preexisting fashion system. Other quality-of-life enhancements include changes to the weapon crafting system and removal of vaulted content. Loot additions like weapons, armour, exotics, cosmetics, and perks have yet to be fully detailed, although Bungie promises quite a few will be available as part of Lightfall.

As we near the end of Destiny 2’s DLC releases with only one announced expansion following Lightfall, players will see significant changes that improve the onboarding process for those new to the game, while bringing new ways to play for veterans. Pre-ordering the standard edition unlocks an Exotic Ghost and Legendary emblem, while the annual pass edition includes even more bonuses. Destiny 2: Lightfall releases for PC on 28th February 2023.

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