What Does the Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion Add?

What Does the Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion Add?

By  Danielle Angel - 24th Oct 2022

What will you get for purchasing this DLC?

What Does the Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion Add?

The Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion (Winters' Expansion henceforth for the sake of brevity) is releasing soon, though you might not know precisely what you'll get for purchasing it, and even if you should. I seek to answer these questions for you today! So, what do you get for your purchase of the Winters' Expansion?

Third-person Perspective

The first change that we'll be taking a look at is the third-person perspective that the Winters' Expansion adds to the base game. This is a nod to those that have been fans of the franchise for a while and still remember (and perhaps yearn for) third-person perspectives. You'll be able to play the entire base game in this mode, so you'll finally be able to feel the daunting pit in your stomach at Lady Dimitrescu's height!

The Mercenaries Additional Orders

The Mercenaries mini-game is back with the Winters' Expansion! This mini-game skipped Resident Evil Biohazard, but it's back for you to play as some of the most iconic characters that the franchise has seen thus far, namely Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield. Though, bear in mind Lady Dimitrescu is a bit shorter when you play as her...

Shadows of Rose

Shadows of Rose

Take control of Rose, Ethan Winters' daughter and the main reason why Resident Evil Village occurred in the first place! The Winters' Expansion will add a third-person-perspective playable scenario as we familiarise ourselves with her a couple of years down the line. This scenario was produced by Masachika Kawata and directed by Kento Kinoshita and is inspired by cut content from the original game. 

This new content will have different focuses than the original game did, as you'll play as Rose and follow the storyline after she acquires a surviving piece of the Black God, which unleashes memories of the humans that have been consumed over the centuries. Gameplay-wise, Rose is physically weak and must depend solely on a handgun to protect herself, though it seems like the scenario is mostly centred around the idea of the scarcity of supplies. This will work as the conclusion to the Winters storyline. 

Additionally, you'll get the bonus content Street Wolf Outfit for her to play throughout the scenario! 

In conclusion, for purchasing the Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion, you'll get the following items:

  • Third-person Perspective for the Base Game
  • Mercenary Mode Featuring Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield
  • Shadows of Rose Scenario

If you're a fan of Resident Evil or the latest entry, Resident Evil Village, then it's undoubtable that you should check out the Winters' Expansion! Experience the finale to the Winters storyline when the DLC releases on the 27th of October!

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