What Editions Does PGA TOUR 2K23 Have?

What Editions Does PGA TOUR 2K23 Have?

By  Luz Victoria - 5th Oct 2022

Looking for which edition to get? Look no further!

What Editions Does PGA TOUR 2K23 Have?

If you're looking forward to purchasing PGA TOUR 2K23 but have been wondering, "Which edition should I buy?" then you've come to the right place! In this article, we will be covering what each of the three editions includes — the Standard, Deluxe, and Tiger Woods editions — along with what the pre-order bonus is, in case you want to get it a bit earlier!

What is the pre-order bonus?

What is the pre-order bonus?

Starting off with the pre-order bonus, by purchasing any of the editions, you will get the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack, which features the iconic Michael Jordan as a playable character as you strive to become the next FedExCup Champion! Show off your loyalty in the competitive modes, and also get access to four Common tier golf ball sleeves for you to adorn your characters with.

What does the Standard Edition include?

Along with the pre-order bonus, the Standard Edition is the base version for PGA TOUR 2K23, featuring a career campaign, online and local play for you to challenge your friends, licensed courses, professional golf players to play as, a course designer, and so much more! PGA TOUR 2K23 seeks to be the golf game that does it all!

What does the Deluxe Edition include?

Want to golf and look good while doing it too? PGA TOUR 2K23's Deluxe Edition features plenty of cosmetics for you to use and customise your character to your liking!

First off, this edition has 1,300 VC; what is VC, I hear you ask? Well, it's a currency that you will be able to utilise in the game to buy branded gear to customise your character even further! Buy gear, apparel, club fittings, purchase golf balls, golf ball skins, and much more! It's a good headstart if you're already passionate about golf.

Additionally, get a slew of Golden cosmetics with the Gold Baseball Cap, Gold Golf Glove (say that three times in a row!), Golden Driver, and the Golden Putter! If gold isn't your style, you'll also get the Hockey Stick Putter (for your friendly neighbourhood Canadian), three Rare Golf Ball Sleeves, and four Uncommon Golf Ball Sleeves!

The Deluxe Edition also includes the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack, featuring the playable Michael Jordan character and four Common Golf Ball Sleeves, so you'll be able to get Michael Jordan even after release! 

Finally — and most importantly — any edition above the Standard Edition (including the Deluxe Edition) features three-day early access to PGA TOUR 2K23! This means that you'll be able to pick up the title and start playing earlier than those that bought the Standard Edition; who doesn't love a bit of VIP access?

Here is a bullet point list featuring all of the items that you'll get with the Deluxe Edition of PGA TOUR 2K23:

  • 1,300 VC
  • 1 Hockey Stick Putter
  • 1 Gold Baseball Cap
  • 1 Gold Golf Glove
  • 1 Golden Driver
  • 1 Golden Putter
  • 3 Rare Golf Ball Sleeves
  • 4 Uncommon Golf Ball Sleeves
  • 4 Common Golf Ball Sleeves
  • Michael Jordan
  • Three-day early access

What does the Tiger Woods Edition include?

Finally, PGA TOUR 2K23's ace is the Tiger Woods Edition! This is for the most diehard fans, as this edition features everything from the Standard and Deluxe editions, but you'll also get a slew of Tiger Woods branded gear to show your support for the multi-record-holding professional golfer! We can't guarantee that this edition will make you play as well as him, but with the numerous Tiger Woods-themed items, you'll be able to show your support and love! If you're not a fan of Tiger Woods, this particular edition still might have something to pique your interest, as it also features three Epic Golf Ball Sleeves to customise your character, one Red Polo Shirt, one Pair of Black Pants, and a Black Hat! Here is the list of everything you'll get if you buy the Tiger Woods Edition:

  • 1 Tiger Woods TaylorMade Club Set
  • 1 Tiger Woods T-shirt
  • 1 Tiger Woods Golf Shoes
  • 1 Tiger Woods Golf Belt
  • Tiger Bridgestone Branded Golf Balls
  • 1 Red Polo Shirt
  • 1 Pair of Black Pants
  • 1 Black Hat
  • 3 Epic Golf Ball Sleeves

Don't forget: with the Tiger Woods Edition, you also get all of the items in the Deluxe Edition, which means you'll be able to practice getting your holes-in-one three days before everyone else!

Which edition should you get?

Which edition should you get?

With the three-day early access to PGA TOUR 2K23 after the Standard Edition, it's simply too difficult not to recommend it — having VIP access to try out the game first and get a headstart on your career is always a plus. By buying at least the Deluxe Edition, you'll have access to the early access alongside 1,300 VC for you to customise your character and some glistening Golden gear! 

However, if you're a diehard golf fan, then it is undeniable that the Tiger Woods Edition is going to be a must-have! Sporting themed gear for one of the best golfers, you'll be able to wear Tiger Woods clothes to inspire you as you master every course! Since it additionally includes every item from the Deluxe Edition, the Tiger Woods seems like a no-brainer for anyone that's a fan of golf.

Make sure to check out PGA TOUR 2K23! The game releases on the 11th of October for owners of the Deluxe and Tiger Woods Editions and on the 14th of October for Standard Edition owners! Check out whether you'll want that sweet, sweet Michael Jordan Bonus Pack before it releases!

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