What Is Atomic Heart About

What Is Atomic Heart About

By  Luz Victoria - 21st Feb 2023

Find out why everyone's revving about this new title!

What Is Atomic Heart About

You might've heard the hype around the recently-released horror open-world adventure first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world! However, instead of fighting off zombies and mutants, in Atomic Heart, your enemies are the robots that once used to serve humanity.

Take on the role of a veteran soldier named Alekseyvich Nechaev — also known as P-3 — who will have to use both his augmented body and his battle experience to survive against the onslaught of robots who have gone haywire and work towards getting to the bottom of why!

Although Major Nechaev's attitude has been called gloomy and arrogant by some who know him, the behaviour stems from his complicated life. You'll find no rainbows and butterflies there... but who doesn't love a protagonist with a lot to overcome? Our bittered soldier has been battle-hardened and will have to use his prior experience to survive this apocalyptic scenario.

In Atomic Heart, you're encouraged to use everything you possess to rid the world of the dangerous machines — from military-grade guns and melee weapons to the abilities and skills you'll get through your body augmentations, including elemental powers such as electricity, ice, and fire abilities! 

It's no surprise that the game's done so well — as it has a Very Positive score on Steam and a 77 score on Metacritic — with the gorgeous world and setting it provides. After beating up some bosses in epic-styled combat, you might just spend some time walking around the world and taking in the breathtaking scenery!

Closing: Make sure you jump into the action with Major Alekseyvich Nechaev, equip your large arsenal of weapons, and face an onslaught of robots and foes that will oppose you by checking Atomic Heart out and join the hype! 

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