What is Cult of the Lamb About?

What is Cult of the Lamb About?

By  L Greenfield - 11th Aug 2022

Heard of Cult of the Lamb and want to find out more?

What is Cult of the Lamb About?

Cult of the Lamb has been making a bit of a buzz on the internet as of late, and with its release just on the horizon, it’s no wonder why. With a publishing backed by Devolver Digital, development team Massive Monster have clearly put a lot of love into their upcoming title. If you’ve caught wind of the buzz but are unsure what the game is really about and are thus hesitant to pick it up, we have compiled the basics of what you need to know about Cult of the Lamb!

At its core, Cult of the Lamb is an isometric action-adventure roguelike with a visual style reminiscent of Don’t Starve that follows that tale of an unnamed lamb. After a mysterious council have settled on wiping out all lambs in order to avert an ancient prophecy, your life is mysteriously spared when an unknown, powerful entity intervenes in your demise, who then bestows god-like power upon you and releases you back upon your would-be executioners to exact revenge. 

With Cult of the Lamb’s use of an isometric camera angle, featuring of religious overtones, and childlike imagery juxtaposed against more visceral displays of brutality amidst a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, the parallels to titles such as The Binding of Isaac are inevitable, especially when considering how successfully it merges this tonal dissonance in way that doesn’t feel jarring. Thankfully, Cult of the Lamb does more than enough to make it stand out amid the dungeon crawler genre, primarily due to how it does not limit itself into a single genre.

When you’re not journeying through unknown depths on the hunt for the next religious leader to turn inside out, you’ll find yourself back at your main base, where the game quickly goes from a high-octane action title to a slice-of-life farming simulator with a cultish twist. During your adventures, you will come across other hapless souls whom you can save from execution and enlist into a cult of your own. From here you can fashion them to your liking and equip them with the proper tools to extract minerals and materials from your little utopia, which can in turn be used to construct buildings and other structures, bolstering your power as you make your field the prettiest in all the land.

Build up your cult, enlist new followers to harvest the land, and destroy every living thing you can come into contact with. With these three goals in mind, you now have the basic fundamentals of what Cult of the Lamb is all about.

A game that takes a lot of inspiration from other successful titles and marries these concepts together in a graceful and coherent manner, Cult of the Lamb is for sure one to keep an eye on if any of the game's inspirations are of interest to you!

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