What is Ghost of Tsushima About?

What is Ghost of Tsushima About?

By  Violet Plata - 2nd May 2024

I wanted to know, too!

What is Ghost of Tsushima About?

It hasn't been that long since we've begun getting hard-hitting PlayStation titles to our metaphorical PC doorstep, so it wouldn't be surprising if many gamers know Ghost of Tsushima but don't know what it's about or why they might like it. For that same reason, I've done some research on the title myself, as I quite enjoy games set in Japan, particularly during the older times.

Let's jump back to the 13th century, when the Mongol empire was on track to conquer the East and set its eyes on Japan, and the only thing standing between it and Khotun Khan was none other than Tsushima Island. Of course, any history fan will know that much of this actually happened in real life, as the game is based on historical events, but the developer took some liberties. In truth, what stopped the terrifying army was a hurricane, not a cool samurai! And speaking of Jin Sakai, he might not be a real person, but the team got together with two modern-day samurai to be as accurate as they could about the protagonist's life!

Throughout the journey, players will take control of Jin Sakai, the last-standing member of his clan and a samurai. Upon watching his land get overtaken by the fearsome Mongol army, he sets off with one single goal: to wage war and get his home's freedom back! It just takes a few glimpses through the screenshots on the Steam page to see the gorgeous scenery that players will have to travel across in order to become the Ghost of Tsushima themselves, fighting off formidable enemies, exploring the open world, and mastering combat skills in order to be victorious!

Now that you know what you're setting off to, pick up your weapons and prepare for a fight! This fantastic and beloved title by Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation Studios is finally arriving on PC on May 16th! 

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