What is Giants Uprising?

What is Giants Uprising?

By  Erin McAllister - 19th Jan 2023

Feel the rush of destruction. Rise. Crush. Live larger than life.

What is Giants Uprising?

Have you ever wanted to take matters into your own hands and crush hundreds upon hundreds of puny, tiny humans? If so, it’s your lucky day, as VARSAV Game Studios’ latest title, Giants Uprising, lets you do exactly that — using primitive weapons and devastating stomps as a mighty giant to take vengeance on the humans that had long ago betrayed the ancient race.

In this medieval fantasy adventure, play as the Giant Rogbar, one of many powerful beings who had been enslaved by humankind to be used as a beast of burden and a machine of war. Only this Giant, customised to the player’s satisfaction, has broken free and is ready to remind the people of the world the sort of destruction and wrath that he can bring to them for the sake of his vengeance. Alongside him is the human convict, Kiełbasa, and together, they will spark an uprising and free all of the Giants.

Throughout Giants Uprising, Rogbar can coat himself with the blood of humans and fellow Giants alike, either as a character customisation option or by getting his hands dirty in a more direct fashion. Rogbar must use every tool at his disposal — including the environment itself — to defeat countless numbers of human soldiers and even a few of his own fellow Giants. The environment in particular should be taken into consideration: while Rogbar can certainly acquire a variety of impactful skills and abilities along his quest for revenge, the world around him is always extremely breakable, where everything on screen can be destroyed, with some things being useful as a weapon, however unassuming they may seem.

With an emotionally gripping and dramatic storyline, a variety of challenging fights, nine whole locales to visit, and the freedom to destroy absolutely anything you wish, Giants Uprisingis the perfect game for anyone wishing to step into the large shoes of a Giant and crush feeble humans beneath their feet.

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