What is Immortal Empires?

What is Immortal Empires?

By  Chris Wootton - 21st Aug 2022

Grab some friends, sharpen the swords, and get ready to get stabby.

What is Immortal Empires?

Immortal Empires is the new DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER III that introduces a free new game mode where one to eight players pile in and experience a bunch of new features.

To start with, all 86 Legendary Lords come out to play— yes from all 3 games, with 29 of them getting new starting locations too. Some of the older Lords get new dedicated factions so the likes of Grombrindal and Volkmar the Grim have their own factions now. A selection of these Lords get new improved personal faction mechanics to boot!

There’s a new “Sea Lanes” feature that lets you cross the map from one side to the other without having to drag your whole army across the map. There’s also some new mid-to-endgame scenarios to counter the endgame “faceroll your way to end of the campaign” grind in randomised ways. Undead resurgences and invasions of Greenskins? Yup, that’s two of them. You can hear the cries of “WAAAAGH!” already, can’t you? You can also turn off the endgame crisis completely if you’re boring and crank it up to 11 if you are that kind of masochist.

With the map increasing to over 550 settlements and the number of factions going up to over 270, its size is now almost twice what it was in Total War: WARHAMMER II’s Mortal Empires game mod: the largest in any Total War game to date.

To create an Immortal Empires game, all you need is one player to host the game who is in possession of all three Total War: WARHAMMER III games and as much DLC as they think is worth it (hint: the answer is all of it).  The big bonus is that only the host needs the DLC, so your skinflint mates who spent all their free cash on Robux or some other frippery can relax. Of course, should you not have any, there’s always the single player; at least the AI won’t berate you for tactical mistakes for weeks on end.

With the corruption mechanics of every race, Lord, and faction tweaked, all the environments being updated and all the other details — such as UI, models, audio and balance — Immortal Empires will be just as involved as players of the Mortal Empires game mode from Total War: WARHAMMER II remember but with a lot more fantasy fun, frolic, cannibalistic Ogres, leather clad Daemonettes, and plagues courtesy of old Papa Nurgle.

Oh, and lest we forget, all those new shiny units from Cathay, Kislev and Chaos in Total War: WARHAMMER III, too. Papa Nurgle and old blood and guts Khorne, Tzeentch the changer of the ways and Slaanesh, everyone’s favourite kinkster, will be most pleased.

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