What Is Jagged Alliance 3 All About?

What Is Jagged Alliance 3 All About?

By  Conor McGuigan - 10th Jul 2023

Find out what is Jagged about this Alliance

What Is Jagged Alliance 3 All About?

Jagged Alliance is a turn-based strategy game that first appeared in 1995 for MS-DOS. Yes, you heard me right, MS-DOS! A few years later in ‘99, its sequel arrived for the far-more familiar Windows platform, quickly becoming a cult classic with its addictively strategic playstyle and satirical presentation. Though it’s still available for purchase (and popular in the modding community to boot), keen fans have long been demanding a worthy follow-up to one of their favourite games — and it won’t be long before their wishes all come true! Steam welcomes the release of Jagged Alliance 3 on the 14th of July (so soon!), and whether you’re a total newcomer to the series or you’ve simply taken a twenty-year sabbatical, I’m here to help you figure out what this new entry is all about.

First announced a thumping nineteen years ago, Jagged Alliance 3 spent many years being passed around like cute puppies at a picnic before finally landing in the lap of Surviving Mars and Tropico developer Haemimont Games. It’s set on an island nation named Gran Chien, and you’ll control an eager ensemble of shady mercenaries at the behest of one Emma LaFontaine — daughter of the nation’s kidnapped president. Who had the gall to kidnap the president, you ask? Well, that would be the Legion, a maniacal and heavily-armed faction led by an enigmatic man known only as The Major — and the task of overthrowing him rests solely in your hands.

You’ll have to carefully manage your money as you hire a variety of veritable nutjobs, deck them out with an arsenal of fully customisable weapons, and boss them around while they take turns conquering the tropical terrain of Gran Chien. That’s right — Jagged Alliance 3 is a turn-based game, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to consider whether to pop a goon’s head clean off or turn him into strawberry jam with a frag grenade.

Jagged Alliance 3 is designed to be a challenge, but there’s more than one way you can give yourself a leg up. With a suite of RPG mechanics to complement its strategic gameplay, you’ll have a whole host of options to optimise your chances of success. Sniper rifle not accurate enough? Scrape together some scrap parts and stick a scope on it! Melee soldiers dying too quickly? Level up and pick the perk that restores health when they attack! Just make sure you save enough resources to treat your tired and wounded mercs when the fight is through (or, you know, set enough money aside to hire new, living ones).

Jagged Alliance 3’s genre-blending gameplay and whimsical disposition is sure to hold something for everyone, so keep your eyes firmly peeled as the latest in this long-running franchise lands on Windows PCs this week.

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