What is Manor Lords About?

What is Manor Lords About?

By  Dan Matthews - 22nd Apr 2024

Ready for the next challenge?

What is Manor Lords About?

As someone who's been dipping their toes into the strategy and city builder genres, I now understand how these titles can become so addicting. There's something utterly satisfying about overcoming the obstacles that come with bringing civilisation to life and helping it thrive — from paving roads properly and protecting the people to making friends and winning wars. 

So whether you're also new to the genre or a well-learned veteran, if you're looking for a medieval strategy title, you've come to the right place. Let's talk a bit about the upcoming game by Slavic Magic and Hooded Horse — Manor Lords.

Thanks to the inspiration taken from the late 14th century Franconia, Manor Lords is definitely easy on the eyes, but the more impressive part is the developer's interest in maintaining historical accuracy as much as possible. If you're one to dislike medieval tropes, this might just be the next all-nighter title for you.

The love for historical accuracy is implemented in the growth of the towns and villages, as it takes its roots from reality; this comes in the form of the major trade routes and landscapes being one of the main factors for how settlements are not only formed but developed. This already shows the Manor Lords' focus on complex economic and social simulation, as players will be able to build from the central marketplace outward, including in their villages and settlements, residential and commercial areas, and even industrial districts. 

The people in town aren't there to look pretty, however; the homeowners will pay taxes, grow vegetables, raise chickens and goats, and provide other essential goods in addition to what your managed farms, industries, and pastures will. Thenceforth, you'll just need to make sure they can survive the harsh seasons, from the pouring spring to the harsh winters.

Humans are nothing if not pack animals, which means in order to thrive, your settlements will need to rely on each other for support. The world is bursting with resources and materials for you to take advantage of, and by creating specialised villages and proper communication between each other, you can slowly make your way to conquering the rest of the world. Mining ores, farming animals, being proficient in agriculture, and using all the goods to make strong armies will get you a long way... but make sure not to overdo it. Unchecked (or irresponsible) expansion might lead to nasty side effects, such as herds of deer migrating away, lack of soil fertility, or even deforestation. 

Do everything right, and you might just be prepared for medieval warfare. You're not the only lord around, and you'll have to fight for the power and control you want. Whether you need your men to fend off bandits or defend territory, you'll need to raise skilled soldiers from the people within your settlements... or hire a sellsword, but that will be a decision you'll have to face.

Manor Lords offers real-time tactical battles, where you'll need to take into consideration more than just the enemy lines — fatigue, weather conditions, and your own equipment will all make an impact on how every battle goes.

As you can see, the solo dev has put a lot of love and emphasis on polishing Manor Lords to be as immersive and challenging as possible without losing sight of our history, and they're open to opinions, ideas, and criticism. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the gridless building and start your journey to become the next lord!

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