By  Mike Crewe - 11th Jan 2023

The Straw Hat Crew are back!


The history of ONE PIECE videogames — at least in recent memory — has been a handful of Dynasty Warriors clones. Thankfully, ONE PIECE ODYSSEYis looking to change things up for the long-running anime franchise with a JRPG entry! Featuring many of the show's main characters (such as Nami, Chopper, and Usopp) in an original storyline, as well as revisiting some much-loved story arcs from the anime and manga. But is ONE PIECE ODYSSEY only for fans of the anime?

Simply put, no, it isn’t. Although fans will no doubt be able to appreciate the characters and story more than those who have yet to embark on the 1,000+ episode series, BANDAI NAMCO is no stranger to adapting anime franchises into videogames. This allows anyone to jump in and enjoy the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew.

Fans of similar games, such as Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, will no doubt enjoy the turn-based combat on offer here, with each character having their own styles and abilities — whether it’s Zoro’s three-sword style, Luffy’s ability to stretch, or any of the other unique characters’ special skills — this is shaping up to be some of the flashiest turn-based combat we’ve seen in a long time!

When not partaking in battles, players will be wandering Waford island and exploring the mysteries hidden in and around it, leading to all manner of secrets! In addition, side quests and optional battles can be found to add more narrative to this already story rich RPG. Playing as not only Luffy, but many other members of his crew, your main quest is to escape the island you’ve been stranded on, but nothing is quite as simple as it may seem as the gang must traverse a world built from their memories, forcing them to relive some of their most thrilling adventures!

Finally, if you’re a huge ONE PIECE fanatic, why not check out the ONE PIECE ODYSSEY Deluxe Edition? Complete with additional goodies such as the Adventure Expansion Pack, those that crave more adventures with Luffy and crew will surely be satisfied! Whichever version you decide to choose, you’ll no doubt be in for a grand adventure!

Are you excited to go on an adventure with Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew? You won’t need to wait for long, as ONE PIECE ODYSSEY releases 12th January, 2023!

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