What to Expect From The Quarry

What to Expect From The Quarry

By  Mike Crewe - 12th Apr 2022

Innovative approaches are always welcome

What to Expect From The Quarry

Supermassive Games, the developers of the incredibly engrossing yet terrifying horror game Until Dawn, are back with a brand new spook ‘em up called The Quarry. But what exactly is this new title, and what can we expect to see when it’s released this June?

The Quarry is a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, therefore we can expect a longer narrative as opposed to the developer’s similar — but shorter — videogames in The Dark Pictures Anthology. This time you’ll be in control of a group of teenagers who’ve just finished up working at the Hackett’s Quarry summer camp and decide to spend their last evening together by throwing a party. This being a horror game, it isn’t long before the group is fighting for their lives as it appears someone, or something is hunting them.

This is where things get interesting, as each of the nine playable characters can potentially die if you make the wrong choice, changing the story and inevitably how the game's final scenes pan out. Each playthrough will lead to a different outcome; maybe everyone survives and you witness a happy ending? If you’re anything like me, everyone will have died due to user error, giving you the worst ending. But The Quarry isn’t as clear-cut as this: you may end up with two or three characters that are killed, with each death providing different scenarios to play.

As The Quarry is more of an interactive movie than a gaming experience in the style of Resident Evil, you’ll be facing plenty of pulse-pounding quick time events to escape the horrors that await and narrative decisions that will shape the story as you play. If it all gets too much though, you can simply play the game in “movie mode”, stripping away all of the interactive elements, letting you sit back and watch. Whether this gameplay mode takes away your choices as well remains to be seen, but it’s surely an inventive way to experience the story!

From gameplay footage shown thus far, each character is well-acted, with solid voice acting and motion-capture performances across the board. It helps that many of the actors have starred in big-budget films before, such as David Arquette from the Scream franchise, and Justice Smith, known for his roles in films such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Detective Pikachu.

So what can we expect from The Quarry? From everything shown so far, it's safe to say the game will be full of scares, gore, and a whole load of decisions made that characters will live (or not, in many cases) to regret!

Looking forward to The Quarry? Well, you mustn't worry. The game will be out soon, on the 10th of June!

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