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What's the Difference Between Sonic Origins' Editions

What's the Difference Between Sonic Origins' Editions

By Luz Victoria - 2nd May 2022

If any, which edition will you be getting?

What's the Difference Between Sonic Origins' Editions

Sonic Origins is coming out, and we couldn't be more excited — not only are we excited for veterans of the Sonic franchise that will be able to revisit some of the classics, but also for newcomers that haven't had the opportunity to experience them. Before all of that, however, it's worth checking out what the differences are for Sonic Origins' editions.

Standard Edition

Standard Edition

Sonic Origins has plenty of content for players that buy the Standard Edition, but they'll reap no additional benefit outside of the base game. Still, it's worth noting that the Standard Edition will feature remastered content and brand-new additions to the game. With the purchase of the Standard Edition, players will get:

  • Four classic games
  • Remastered content
  • New characters
  • New "Anniversary" mode
  • New animations

Sonic Origins will allow players to explore through four of the most classic Sonic games:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Sonic CD

All of the games will feature brand-new remastered visuals (or a classic mode for players that want the old experience) along with all-new animated cinematics.

Deluxe Edition

Aside from getting all of the above, those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will receive content from the Premium Fun Pack DLC, which will feature Hard Missions, a letterbox background, bonus character animations in-menu & music player, Classic Music Pack, and additional re-mastered tracks. It's safe to say that the game's Deluxe Edition will feature plenty of content for players that love collecting digital items.

Pre-Purchase Edition

Pre-Purchase Edition

Of course, Sonic Origins also features one final pre-purchase edition for those that are eager enough to buy it before the reviews are available. In it, players will receive the Start Dash DLC pack, featuring 100 Bonus Coins (in-game currency), the new Mirror Mode, and themed letterbox backgrounds to customise your playthrough.

Excited for Sonic Origins? Truth be told, I am too! I haven't had the opportunity to experience the Sonic franchise, and Sonic Origins might be the right starting place for me. That said, we're both going to have to wait for the game's imminent release on the 23rd of June. At least it isn't too far away!

Make sure you check out the store page for additional information regarding the game, including price and discounts!

What's the Difference Between Sonic Origins' Editions

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