Why I'm Excited For Hogwarts Legacy

Why I'm Excited For Hogwarts Legacy

By  Nox - 3rd Feb 2023

There are tons of reasons to be excited for the game… and I just need to talk about mine!

Why I'm Excited For Hogwarts Legacy

There are many reasons why I'm excited for Hogwarts Legacy: I read the Harry Potter books years ago and found comfort in them, I am incredibly excited to walk in the Hufflepuff common room, and — most importantly — I absolutely love the idea of playing a witch! Unfortunately, it's a concept that is not frequently explored in videogames, and from what I've seen in the videos, the developer — Avalanche Software — has done a phenomenal job at it!

When I first heard of Hogwarts Legacy, I thought we'd be playing a character from the books; in fact, my first go-to was Dumbledore! And whilst that would've been pretty cool to experience, I am elated that I'll be able to create my very own character. Going through a story as something you've made — be it a recreation of yourself or an original character — is still one of the most immersive experiences you can have in gaming. Choosing your own path is terrifying, even when the consequences aren't that dire; this is especially true for someone like me, who gets socially awkward when accidentally smacking an NPC!

Another thing I'm pretty ecstatic about is the idea of being able to go to classes! I am positive that I'm not the only person who grew up daydreaming about what they'd do if they could go to Hogwarts. Aside from just trying to get into Harry's clique, I'd definitely be a total nerd for all the classes. Not even Snape's scary attitude could've scared me off from joining potions class; there are few things in life more exciting to me than the idea of being able to mix a bunch of magical items and brew them in a witchy cauldron. Alas, I am in the real world, and the closest thing to that is making an Alka-Seltzer and watching it fizzle.

Besides, how crazy would I be to give up the opportunity to ride a hippogriff? If soaring through the skies in Azeroth when I was a big World of Warcraft fan was amazing, I can scarcely fathom how it'll feel to do so in the gorgeous landscapes and familiar places that I've grown up seeing and hearing about.

Hogwarts Legacy definitely takes #1 on my list of games I'm most excited for in 2023; it's been a moment since I've been counting the days so eagerly for a big title. If you also can't wait to play it, consider getting Hogwarts Legacy's Deluxe edition pre-order, which has 72-hour early access to the game!

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