Why You Should Play Rollerdrome If You Like The Tony Hawk Games

Why You Should Play Rollerdrome If You Like The Tony Hawk Games

By  Mike Crewe - 24th Aug 2022

Pretending I’m a Superman.

Why You Should Play Rollerdrome If You Like The Tony Hawk Games

Are you a certified Hawk-head that knows how to perform the sickest combos and the best line to do them on in School II? Well then not only are you probably a master of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, but perhaps you should also be taking a look at Roll7’s latest skater-shooter, Rollerdrome!

Okay, so this new title from the team behind OlliOlli World isn’t exactly all about finding secret video tapes or belting out “Guerrilla Radio” at the top of your lungs as you pull off a McTwist, to revert, to manual, to Crooked Grind combo, but there are some similarities between the two (perhaps not the dystopian sci-fi world and violent bloodsport aspect of Rollerdrome) that should make you consider giving this game a try if you’re a fan of the Birdman!

Starting out, the controls for both games are fairly similar. Assuming, like me, you play with a controller (I’m just useless with a mouse and keyboard for fast-paced games!) then you’ll very quickly be grinding and tricking your way to a semi-decent score. There are no flip tricks in this game — after all it would be pretty difficult to flip rollerblades — so instead one of the buttons usually assigned to these tricks are replaced with a dodge function in Rollerdrome.

The scoring and combo system is another similarity, as in both games it’s important to keep moving. Stay still for too long in Rollerdrome and you’ll not only very quickly run out of ammo, but also find yourself at the mercy of the relentless enemies. Keep that momentum going and not only will you keep your weapons stocked full of bullets, but that combo multiplier will keep on increasing, and a larger multiplier means big points at the end of a combo! So, basically, like every game in the Tony Hawk franchise.

Finally we have the objective list; what are they and how do they fit into the gameplay? Well you’ll need to complete a certain number of them in order to unlock the next set of arenas, much like how you complete challenges in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series to unlock subsequent levels. They’re specific goals that you’ll need to accomplish, such as finding all the combo tokens, or performing a certain trick whilst taking out an enemy. Some challenges — especially those on later levels — can get quite tricky, although thankfully you can go on multiple runs in one arena and complete them at your leisure.

So there we go, if you’re a fan of the legendary Tony Hawk franchise then you should definitely be looking into playing Rollerdrome; I was genuinely surprised at how similar the movement and combo system felt!

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