Chance to win Battle Axe Steam PC keys

Chance to win Battle Axe Steam PC keys

By  Sam Jones - 21st May 2021

15 winners will grab a copy of the arcade hack 'n slash game

Chance to win Battle Axe Steam PC keys

Ready for some retro action? We've teamed up with our friends over at Numskull Games to give you the chance to win a Steam PC copy of arcade hack 'n slash Battle Axe from developer Bitmap Bureau.

Details on how you can enter can be found below - and remember, the more actions you complete, the more chance you have of winning. Good luck!

How to enter the giveaway


Battle Axe is an arcade top-down hack 'n slash featuring high-quality visuals created by veteran pixel artist Henk Nieborg, true to form game mechanics, and music from the legendary VGM composer Manami Matsumae. For as long as you and your people can remember, your homeland of Mercia has been held in the tyrannical clutches of the malevolent sorceress, Etheldred.

Some months ago, a party of mercenaries was dispatched to attempt to put a stop to Etheldred and her evil cohorts, but regrettably none of them have ever returned…

Will you meet the same unfortunate fate as their honourable predecessors, or will you return victorious and triumphant? That is all down to you!

Along with their own distinct traits, your selected hero not only has fierce close-range melee attacks, but also long-range projectiles to vanquish enemies from a distance. Each hero can move and attack in eight different directions and make use of various items.

Chance to win Battle Axe Steam PC keys

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