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Win our Shadow contest and play AAA games on your old PC!

Win our Shadow contest and play AAA games on your old PC!

By Sam Jones

Win our Shadow contest and play AAA games on your old PC!

By Sam Jones - 27th Apr 2018

Get your hands on revolutionary gaming tech

Win our Shadow contest and play AAA games on your old PC!

Fancy winning a subscription to a cloud-based gaming service that's as powerful as a $1,500 PC?

We've got one big prize and three runners-up prizes, worth $330 in total. It's all thanks to our friends at Blade. They're the talented folks behind Shadow, the revolutionary cloud computing service that lets you play your high-end AAA games fluently, from practically any PC - even that old laptop that's buried at the bottom of your wardrobe. You can run any game or software on Shadow, including your entire Steam library.

Shadow is available now in France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and California. More data centers are being added, allowing Shadow to expand into further territories this Summer, including the whole of the USA.

Top prize is a Shadow box and a 3-month subscription to Shadow's cloud-based gaming service, while the runners-up will win a one-month subscription each. Details on how to enter can be found below, you've got until May 4th 2018 at 8am PST to be in with the chance of winning. Good luck!

Here's how to enter

About Shadow


Shadow is a high-performance PC based entirely in the cloud. This ground-breaking service provides access to a full-featured high-end Windows 10 computer, via any Internet-enabled device; including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Free from hardware failures in secure data centers, Shadow puts an end to obsolete devices thanks to regular, no-cost updates of cutting-edge components.

Check this out for awesome tech. Shadow gives you the power of:

- A dedicated high-end NVIDIA graphics solution for a perfect image in 1080p at 144fps or 4K at 60fps (8.2 TFLOPS, performance equivalent to a GTX 1080).

- Eight dedicated threads on an Intel Xeon server processor equivalent to a Core i7, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space.

- Proprietary technology delivers a seamless experience for any Internet connection above 15 Mbps.


For those of us who don't want to fully break from the need to have a physical piece of PC hardware, the Blade team has also developed a small, sleek box featuring ports and an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit, enabling real-time decoding in 1080p at 144Hz or 4K at 60Hz. Whether using its box or cloud service, Shadow can be adapted to every PC need and usage.

Shadow is available in one-month, three-month and 12-month subscriptions, and the Shadow box can either bought outright or rented at a monthly cost. For more details, visit Shadow's website.

Win our Shadow contest and play AAA games on your old PC!

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