YouTuber chef creates giant Monster Hunter: World inspired meal platter

YouTuber chef creates giant Monster Hunter: World inspired meal platter

By  Sam Jones - 31st Mar 2021

Apologies in advance - this will make you hungry!

YouTuber chef creates giant Monster Hunter: World inspired meal platter

If you've ever played Monster Hunter: World before, you'll know that it's vital to prep your Hunter with a hearty meal before heading out on quests to slay Elder Dragons and other gigantic creatures that roam across the New World.

Capcom's best-selling franchise took the 'world' by storm back in 2018 with the launch of the action RPG to a worldwide audience on Steam PC and console, which saw millions of gamers grabbing their Insect Glaives, Great Swords, Light Bowguns and other over-the-top weaponry as they ventured into dangerous ecosystems to trap, slay and carve monsters up to make powerful armor and weapons.

As well as being accompanied by your trusted feline Palico companion when out on quests, there are a number of essential Palicoes working tirelessly behind the scenes at the Astera headquarters - and Seliana in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC expansion - including in the Canteen. It's here that you can take a seat and fill your stomach will a huge amount of food - with different recipes that offer unique buffs and bonuses for a limited duration when taking part in missions.

One option on the menu is the 'Chef's Choice Platter' and one YouTuber has managed to create an inspired, mouth-watering dish in real life. As part of his 'Binging with Babish' series, Andrew Rea AKA Babish Culinary Universe put together an almighty plate of meaty-licious cuisine with a 'fake ale' to wash it all down.

The platter included a whole chicken, smokes sausages made from lean beef and pork fat, prawn & shrimp paella, meat & seafood skewers served on a pineapple base, and a Thai curry stew with mussels... oh and a big slab of Swiss cheese!

There's tens of thousands of calories in this platter alone, and clearly the in-game Hunters have some serious resilience to mass food intake - but don't worry about Rea as he insisted he'd be eating the food "in sensible portions, as leftovers throughout the week".


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