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AAS Synthesizer and Sounds Bundle

AAS Synthesizer and Sounds Bundle
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About this Bundle

Effortlessly produce awe-inspiring audio for your video game, animation, and movie projects and much more with the AAS Synthesizer and Sounds Bundle - featuring nine new-to-Fanatical products.

With a great variety of sound packs, sound banks, and effects available across three tiers, you’ll find the right audio that perfectly complements your style and approach when it comes to producing and editing your next exciting creation.

Tier One delivers two products to get you started. Use a collection of recorded strumming patterns and find inspiration for your track with AAS Strum Session; and spice up your audio with techno, urban, trance, electro, trip-hop and many other upbeat genres with Sound Pack Analog Essential (inc Free AAS Player).

In Tier Two, you’ll receive Tier One’s content plus an additional three products to enjoy. Use sounds that evoke the essence of other times, places, or cultures from afar with Sound Pack Journeys (inc Free AAS Player); get 101 presets that dive into dramatic tension and the enigmatic realms of sci-fi and thriller sounds with Sound Pack Angelicals (inc Free AAS Player); and use dazzling sounds coming straight out of deep-space exploration with Sound Pack Frontier (inc Free AAS Player).

Or opt for Tier Three and add all nine products to your collection. Experience authentic classic electric piano tones with outstanding sound quality with Lounge Lizard Session; and experiment with various syncing resolutions, playing algorithms, and rhythmic patterns that will spruce up any chord progressions with Ultra Analog Sessions.


Get highly customizable sound ideas, room tones, and sound effects perfect for sound designers doing films, animations, or video games with Sound Pack Ultra FX (inc Free AAS Player); and get that sweet beat with fantasy hybrid instruments that have never been heard before with Sound Pack Kitnetix (inc Free AAS Player).



  • License Limits: Full Product License
  • Type of license: Personal license. Allows for use of the sounds in a commercial production.
  • License/Subscription duration: Perpetual.
  • License keys – keys will be sent for each bundle
  • Number of users or devices supported: 1 user. Allows for multiple installations as long as the different machines belong to the same user.
  • If there are installation limitations on the software, can it run simultaneously on multiple devices? The software can be installed on more than one computer (if they belong to the same person) but the license does not allow for simultaneous use of the different copies.
  • Is this license eligible to be upgraded to future versions of the software? Yes. It allows for free maintenance upgrades which are released from time to time. There will be a charge for major upgrades which might be released in the future.
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