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American Mythology Nostalgia Comic Bundle

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Get £115.20 worth of digital comics
32 Awesome comics-1200+ pages
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About this Bundle

Reminisce over famous characters and enjoy new adventures with the American Mythology Nostalgia Comic Bundle - featuring up to 32 fantastic new-to-Fanatical digital comics for you to enjoy across four available tiers.

From out of this world tales to classic slapstick comedy, these comics from the renowned American Mythology Productions will take you on hilarious and intriguing journeys. For an incredibly low price, Tier One delivers three great digital comics for you to experience absolutely FREE!

Enjoy lovingly crafted tales from yesteryear with a dynamic comical duo in Laurel & Hardy Classic Follies #1; join Filbert and his reluctant pals Hazel and Cashew on a dangerous mission to save Turtleview city in Filbert Factor; or follow the hilarious mishaps of a group of complete morons lost in space with Three Stooges Astro Nuts.

Choose Tier Two and you’ll receive a total of nine comics to accompany your free selection. Follow a man seeking justice along the edge of a sword in ‘Lone Wolf and Cub meets Blade Runner’ Eagle: The Original Adventures Volume 1; get the Halloween hype all year round as Larry, Moe, and Curly get involved in yet more slapstick calamities in The Three Stooges: Curse of FrankenStooge; and bring in the festive cheer with Classical Hollywood era humor in Laurel & Hardy: Christmas Follies - plus much more!

Opt for Tier Three and you’ll receive all of the above plus an extra 10 comics to keep you occupied for hours and hours. Enjoy slaps, pokes, and hair-pulling laughs from America's favorite funnymen as they return to Castle FrankenStooge in Three Stooges Monsters & Mayhem; use your supernatural guile and martial arts expertise to track down the source of a deadly weapon in Eagle The Original Adventures #2; and experience a belly full of laughs with 60s comedy in mind with AM Archives Laurel & Hardy #1: 1967 - grab these great comics and many more!.

Or, if you choose Tier Four of the American Mythology Nostalgia Comic Bundle, you’ll be able to take home (virtually of course) all 32 of these awesome fun-time comics. Join a down-on-his-luck freelance swordsman and plucky fox sidekick as they embark on an adventure to a legendary lost city in Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai #1; be in awe of the remastered artwork of Eagle for a new generation of readers in Eagle: Resurgent #1; and cry “Why I oughta!” along with your favorite trio in another pie-to-the-face fiasco with The Three Stooges: April Fools' Day Special #1 - plus many, many more great comics!