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Ancestor Bundle

Ancestor Bundle
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About this Bundle

Here at Fanatical, we like to think of ourselves as one of the forefathers of amazing Steam bundles - combining quality titles with insanely good discounts - and today, our latest Spotlight Bundle follows that tradition in both name and content.

The Ancestor Bundle features seven Steam games for just $1.99, oozing with action-adventure and RPGs set in cyber-futuristic and mythical worlds.

Become a notorious cyberspace thief and take on an army of killer cyborgs as you hunt down vital security intelligence in System Shock: Enhanced Edition. Better still, you can also experience its influential FPS sequel with System Shock 2 - where players must use their hacking abilities to venture deep into a cyberpunk starship filled with terrifying infected beings in order to gain stem of the deadly virus.

Outwit a master computer through psychological warfare with the eerie point and click adventure I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream; unleash your inner ancient powers as the protector of Liveside and banisher of evil in Deadside with cult classic action Shadow Man; and build an army of Mechs to withstand the strongest of armies in intergalactic turn-based strategy Metal Fatigue.

Experience a love letter to the classic first-person shooters of the 1990s with Doom-esque The Original Strife: Veteran Edition; and discover what space-age secrets, and threats, lie aboard a slumbering research ship in action horror FPS Spirits of Xanadu.

With a total saving of 96% off, be sure to add this impressive collection to your Steam library!


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