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Anvil Saga - Deluxe Edition

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Strike the metal and get ready for the Anvil Saga - Deluxe Edition.
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About Anvil Saga - Deluxe Edition

About this bundle

Strike the metal and get ready for the Anvil Saga - Deluxe Edition. This pack contains the following:

  • Anvil Saga
  • Anvil Saga: OST & Artbook

Anvil Saga

Turn a ramshackle blacksmith shop into a successful enterprise in a challenging and endlessly varied world! Deal with local bandits, merchants, priests, as well as French and English soldiers. Manage workers with various quirks, improve facilities and tools to create better merchandise, decorate your smithy to attract high-paying customers and most importantly – try not to get yourself beheaded!

Anvil Saga: OST & Artbook

Digital Artbook

Dip into Anvil Saga with over 90 pages of lovely arts, concepts, and stories behind the characters and events.

Learn more about Arthur and his relatives, friends, rivals, and customers. Meet all of the special guests with their peculiar orders, try to recognize all of the references, and uncover the ones who never made it to the release.

Please, mind that the Anvil Saga art book contains some spoilers to the game.

Original Soundtrack

Feel the Anvil Saga vibe with the 17 atmospheric tunes that will take you to good ol’ medieval times of honor, true love, tricky plots, vibrant fairs, neverending war, and plague…

To locate the DLC please follow these instructions:

After installing the DLC, you can find its files in the Steam folder for soundtracks (steamapps\music), and also listen to the audio files in the Steam Music Player.