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Axis Game Factory Complete Bundle

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4 games + 4 DLC
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About this Bundle

If you've ever thought of trying your hand at creating your own video game, we've got the perfect bundle for you. Introducing the Axis Game Factory Complete Bundle - our latest Fanatical Exclusive collection which features two software applications and six DLC expansions!

This fantastic bundle provides you with over $200 worth of Steam software for creating your very own video game levels and maps - and you don't need previous experience with programming, modeling or animating.

Expansive, and nowhere near expensive, you'll be able to build a huge array of games from the ground up. Create frantic zombie survival and drone combat first-person shooters, bring a fantasy realm to life with Battlemat/Tabletop and side-scrolling game tools, and let your imagination run wild by creating huge open-world environments that you can even import into video game projects running in early versions of Unity 5.0.

Whether you're looking to create game worlds for fun, or perhaps you're a budding game design student looking to get some much-needed practice, the Axis Game Factory Complete Bundle will provide you with some awesome software to play around with - teaching you vital skills that could even help you break into the industry!

Please note: AGFPRO works as a standalone product for hobbyists, as well as for developers who work from Unity 5 through January 2018. Be advised that if you plan to use AGFPRO for professional game development, there may be certain features in recent Unity updates that do not work.

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