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Bento Bundle 3

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Sorry - This bundle has now ended.
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About this Bundle

Feeling peckish? Feed your gaming hunger with a sweet new selection of anime and Japanese-influenced fantasy Steam games in the Bento Bundle 3!

Hack and slash your way through the zombie infested streets of Tokyo and obtain weapons and gear from enemies in anime RPG DEAD OR SCHOOL; Leap into a grand adventure in ‘purrsuit’ of the evil Drakoth in the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Steam rated Cat Quest; and pull of the most stylish of moves as you engage in thrilling combat with CHAOS CODE -NEW SIGN OF CATASTROPHE-.

Enjoy hyper-dynamic combat as you explore a vast world made of multiple environments in adventure JRPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom; experience a unique battle system and a wide selection of characteristic angels in 2D anime fighter Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!; and fight alone, team up or take on friends in brutal arena-based combat where only the mighty prevail in Ninja Shodown.

The Bento Bundle 3 also brings you two exciting titles from the XBlaze series, featuring stunning visual novel style adventures. Delve deeper into the BlazBlue mythos and learn about events prior to Ragna the Bloodedge’s epic journey in XBlaze Code: Embryo; and navigate through a weird and wondrous alternate reality to save your sister in XBlaze Lost: Memories.

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