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Dark Fantasy Royalty Free Music & SFX Bundle

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About this Bundle

Discover tracks and effects that will turn your projects into gripping, astounding experiences with the Dark Fantasy Royalty Free Music & SFX Bundle - featuring over 40 New-to-Fanatical products!

Across three tiers, you’ll be able to obtain stunningly creative audio tracks from DARK FANTASY STUDIO’s talented composer Nicolas Jeudy that explores a huge variety of sounds that tingle the senses and will transport the consumer into the worlds you set out for them in your projects.

In Tier One, you’ll receive six tracks to get you started. Find fun tracks to bring your mini-games to life with Chronicles of the illusion world; bring a sense of fear to your horror games and dark projects with Cult; choose epic explosive tracks for action movie reels or shooter games with Chuck kick ass; and much more!

Choose Tier Two, and you’ll get an additional 13 tracks to add to your collection. Build up the suspense of grand adventures and explorative experiences with Chronicles of the illusion world part 2; create the fantasy atmosphere of casting powerful attacks with the Fire spell, Ice Spell, Water Spell, and Earth Spell SFX packs; create a spooky aura around the view with Haunted; and many more!

If you opt for Tier Three, you’ll receive all of Tier One and Two’s content, plus an extra 24 fantastic tracks at your disposal to really ramp up your video or game projects. Bring a sense of zen and tranquility in those calmer moments with Aurora; take the consumer further into the adventure with a treasure hunt feel for RPG adventure games and projects with Underworld; and leave the player or viewer shaking in their boots at what’s around the corner with In silence.

Get that crisp clear crunch of a person traversing through your creative world with the Footsteps forest SFX pack; unleash the beast and let the consumer know what they’re up against with the Monster roar SFX pack; create your own Marvel-esque heroic moments with the Superheroes; plus so much more!


All tracks included in the Dark Fantasy Royalty Free Music & SFX Bundle are available in WAV/WMA and MP3 format. This premium license allows the use of the purchased track for every project you want without restriction.

Full license terms are included with each download.

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