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Devil May Cry Bundle

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About this Bundle

A devilish foursome of hack and slash action games are yours for the taking with the awesome Devil May Cry Bundle!

Enjoy three awesome hack and slash Steam games in one with the Devil May Cry HD Collection. With this Steam key, players will get to experience the original DMC trilogy and follow the adventures of Dante, the ultimate devil hunter for hire, in glorious high definition.

With the blood of a legendary demon warrior Sparda flowing through his veins, join Dante on his first key mission to defeat the king of the underworld, Mundus - as well as experiencing the 2003 sequel and prequel years in the third installment in the popular franchise.

It's time to show those demons who's boss in hack and slash, action-adventure Devil May Cry 4. With this Special Edition Steam key, gamers will explore a gothic supernatural world as they hunt down a mysterious assassin behind the murder of the head of the Order of the Sword.

Take control of teenager Nero, a young knight from the Order, who possesses a unique power called Devil Bringer that flows through his right arm. Harness his powers, alongside his Red Queen sword and Blue Rose revolver, as you slay creepy renaissance Scarecrows, the 'Bianco Angelos' dark angels and flaming Basilisks.

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