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About this Bundle

Rise above the chaos and take control with the Disorder Bundle - bringing you war-filled apocalyptic worlds, fantasy adventures and space strategy with seven new-to-bundle games included across two tiers.

Opt for Tier One of the bundle and you’ll wreak havoc with four action-packed games.

Battle by streetlight as you erect barricades to withstand undead armies in Yet Another Zombie Defense HD; help a group of survivors fix their spacecraft and escape the desolate, extremely cold environment in SYMMETRY; explore a dangerous side-scrolling cyberpunk world in RPG Dex; and save your kidnapped girlfriend and help rebuild a destroyed village as an upcoming legend in Next Hero.

Treat yourself to Tier Two of this collection and you’ll receive all of the above plus seven additional games.

Enjoy a combination of adventure, exploration, stealth and puzzles with My Memory of Us; teleport across the most iconic video game systems of generations past with Super Life of Pixel; and explore a procedurally-generated apocalypse world where menacing machines roam and kill in The Light Keeps Us Safe.

Customize your killer ride and go head to head in 80s-style car combat with Auto Age: Standoff; battle hostile entities and unravel a mystery in Morphite; and see European powers struggle to survive and new technologies transform warfare in Supreme Ruler The Great War.

If you want an FPS that stands out from the rest, get ready for whacky morphing mayhem with Morphies Law: Remorphed.

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