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Dollar Discovery 2 Bundle

Dollar Discovery 2 Bundle
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About this Bundle

Explore a new line-up of great Indie Steam games at one unmissable price with the Dollar Discovery 2 Bundle.

With 10 marvelous titles to enjoy, you’ll embark on adventures through unique worlds - with a heavy emphasis on exploring space, futuristic and surreal atmospheres. Pressing letters, numbers and typing words at the right moment is the key to success as your venture through six game modes in Slash It 2; and embrace a reward system that takes your skill to another level as you take on bosses and space in shooter Asteroid Bounty Hunter.

Escape the looming inferno in fast-paced, challenging action with Hungry Flame; alter gravity, dodge through obstacles and enjoy some sick beats in Mr. Dubstep; and take your little ship on a simple yet highly addictive adventure through tricky levels in EGAMER’s action-adventure strategy duo Neon Prism and Neon Space.

Experience a low poly adventure packed with beautiful graphics, simple mechanics and testing levels in Poly Island; outplay enemy fleets as you battle in the deep corners of space in top-down bullet hell with ShipLord; and join a young soldier on a mission to destroy an alien race in skill-based space shooter with Survive in Space.

Prepare to blow up hordes of enemies, and have plenty of fun while doing so, in action shoot ‘em up Duke of Alpha Centauri - which also allows you to upgrade your ship, and test your flight and flight skills in mega boss fights.

ACB rating of 6
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