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Dollar Realms Bundle

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Get £79.88 worth of games
11 games + 2 DLC
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About this Bundle

Build empires, vanquish evil, and so much more in one must-have collection with the Dollar Realms Bundle.

Featuring 11 Steam PC games plus DLC, you’ll battle for supremacy in war-torn worlds, wield powerful magic in awe-inspiring fantasy, and experience classic horror survival across a variety of Indie titles. Create your own mercenary character and embark on a mission to find your sister in fantasy open-world RPG Two Worlds Epic Edition; and continue your journey across land desecrated by evil and fight monstrous foes in Two Worlds II: Velvet Edition - featuring the base game and Two Worlds II - Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC!

Enjoy a unique take on a classic board game as you assemble your armies and deal devastating attacks in Battle vs Chess; see how your actions alter the story as you explore the creature-filled streets of an old Soviet town in turn-based strategy RPG Gorky 17; and experience intense medieval combat action in fantasy RPG Enclave.

Gather your team of heroes and explore hundreds of exciting locations in turn-based JRPG Septerra Core; venture into dungeons and discover rare treasures real-time strategy RPG KnightShift; and train an elite group of warriors to take on a reckless army in turn-based strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire & Jagged Alliance 2 Classic DLC.

Command an array of war vehicles and tanks into battle to help turn the tide of war in real-time strategy World War II: Panzer Claws; lead your own faction on a spellbinding odyssey through space in sci-fi strategy RPG Earth 2150 Trilogy; and take on unprecedented AI across gripping missions single-player strategy RPG Earth 2140.

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