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Dotemu Classics Bundle

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About this Bundle

Get ready for a nostalgia overload with the Dotemu Classics Bundle!

This Fanatical Exclusive collection brings you nine Steam games from a publisher based in the City of Love, Paris, that specializes in retro gaming. 

Take a nostalgic journey with these action-adventures including two new-to-bundle titles. Take down an evil warlord in rhythm-based combat with the Karateka remake; join two brothers on a quest to save mankind from an alien invasion in arcade shoot ‘em up Pang Adventures; and experience classic top-down shooter action in a futuristic jet fighter with Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition.

Enjoy a rich and varied blend of platform, combat and puzzle RPGs with Little Big Adventure - Enhanced Edition and Little Big Adventure 2; and take to the skies in your super-tech warplane to wreak havoc in retro 2D shooter Raptor: Call of The Shadows - 2015 Edition.

Witness the ‘Godfather’ of co-op beat ‘em ups with the Double Dragon Trilogy, enter the creepy universe of ‘game of the year’ point and click horror Sanitarium; and solve challenging mysteries in classic noir The Last Express Gold Edition.

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