Dredge Deluxe Edition

Dredge Deluxe Edition
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About Dredge Deluxe Edition

About this bundle

Pilot your own fishing boat in Dredge Deluxe Edition from Black Salt Games and Team17.

Dredge Deluxe Edition comes with:

  • Base Game
  • Blackstone Key in-game item
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Soundtrack

Exploring the Islands

In Dredge, players captain a fishing trawler to explore a collection of remote islands and uncover their secrets. Collectables, wildlife, and over 125 deep sea creatures await in each new region. Players must complete quests to gain access to strange abilities and research special equipment like upgraded boat capabilities. This helps them reach rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios which can be sold for money and to learn more about the area. 

Danger Lurking in the Depths

Dredging the depths reveals someone may be trying to dig up the past, but trusting them may not be enough. Navigating the treacherous waters is difficult during both day and night - sharp rocks, shallow reefs, and thick fog are all threats the player must face as they uncover hidden treasures. 

Strengthen Your Mind 

Players must strengthen their minds if they are to survive night-time trips out on the water. Utilising gained abilities such as upgrades for boat capabilities will help them reach previously inaccessible locations; each offering new opportunities, inhabitants, stories, collectables and wildlife. The Marrows offer a unique sea exploration experience where players can unravel mysteries while fighting off unseen threats in an unpredictable environment.