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Exodus Bundle

Exodus Bundle
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About this Bundle

Stray away from your usual Steam Library roster and treat yourself to an exclusive line-up of Indies with the Exodus Bundle. Across three tiers, you’ll experience action-adventures, strategy sims, RPGs and more from a roster rated highly by fellow gamers - with five new-to-bundle and three new-to-Fanatical titles included!

Choose Tier One to gain access to three games. Hack into a stranger’s cellphone and thwart potential acts of terrorism in adventure Indie Replica; spy through surveillance cameras and help a young woman escape from the sinister Overseer in stealth-action thriller Republique; and show off your skills and reflexes in frantic gallery shooter action arcade with Bot Vice.

Opt for Tier Two and you’ll receive an additional six Steam PC titles to enjoy. Embrace the power of the dragon as you grapple across challenging maps in precision platformer Remnants of Naezith; face an unpredictable AI that will attempt to understand your strategy and counter it at every turn in strategy war sim Precipice; and challenge the Megacorps in a Blade Runner inspired cyberpunk collectible card game with System Crash.

Join a former cop as he takes down drug dealers and crime bosses in an act of revenge in stealth-action puzzler The Slater; transform into a flying tank and shred the skies to pieces in twin-stick shoot ‘em up Furious Angels; and risk it all to save your dad in an epic adventure platformer fueled by imagination in The Adventure Pals.

If you decide to go for Tier Three, you’ll receive all of the content from tiers one and two, as well as an extra three games. Unravel the truth about the terrible events within an abandoned mansion in psychological horror Silver Chains; help a private detective crack the case in a futuristic dystopian city in investigative visual novel Dry Drowning; and develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates in action rogue-like Indie Leap of Fate.

ACB rating of 15
ESRB rating of 13
PEGI rating of 16
USK rating of 16
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