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Game Design for Everyone Assets Bundle

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About this Bundle

The GDevelop engine is the simplest way into game design & building. Using an “event” system which clearly explains the logic of the game’s build, everyone & anyone really can put together exciting, innovative & even commercially viable games for Android, iOS, Steam and more without ever having to learn a programming language.

This packed bundle features everything you need, with 36 individual asset packs such as Icons, Items, GUI Packs, Pixel Art Toolkits, Characters, Sounds and so much more. 

What truly sets the “Game Design for Everyone Assets Bundle” apart from anything else is the GOLD membership to the GDevelop App & with both 1-month & 12-month access included, there’s a combined 13 months of membership in the top tier. GOLD membership gives you access to 100 Cloud Projects per day, 500Mb assets resources per project, unlimited web builds & manual builds with player feedback & game analytics options amongst many other amazing features.

Tier 1 dishes up the introductory 1-month GOLD membership subscription as well as a 2D Shooter Pack, the first GUI Pack #1 and the Character Base: Teeny N Tiny. The perfect starting point for dipping into No Code Game Development

As well as all the previous content, Tier 2 brings in a further 10 packs. Need some art for your in-game purchases? Vector Gamepasses contains 61 Sprites icons & Vector Gift Boxes pulls together another 56 tiered gift boxes for your in-game designs.

Pick up a set of different options for your game dev needs with 2D Potions Pack 16x16 and with two of the Graphics Toolkits in this tier, Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit - Characters containing 15 characters. (1 Human and 14 Robots) and Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit - Props adding a range of props to furnish your SciFi game amongst many others, this tier contains a lot more content.

Tier 3 is where we find everything including the full 12-month GOLD membership to the App. Here you’ll get the full GDevelop experience with time to develop your skills & your games.

Two more Graphic Toolkits, with the SciFi Graphics Toolkit - Environment offering up floors, walls and doors to build rooms and corridors & the all-important Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit - Weapons/Explosions/Buffs Fx Asset pack which has all the explosions, powerups & Weapons you need.

A huge 13 Super Retro World packs here contain far too much RPG-based content to list including Monsters & Characters, exterior environments, dungeon, nature & winter packs amongst many more. Also in this final tier are the three Template packs including Survival Game Template & the PopCat Game Template. More Vector Icon packs such as Vector Icon Tiers & all the music accompaniment you need with Slumber Party - Random Harmonies of 2022, from intense boss battle themes to peaceful ambient tracks, this collection has a wide range of songs that are perfect for adding depth and atmosphere to your games

There's so much more in this absolutely packed games development bundle & with the Premium GOLD membership to the GDevelop Engine, this is the perfect way to get into games design & development or to hone your interests & skills without having to study a programming language. When we say that this is the Game Design for Everyone Assets Bundle, we really mean it!

All assets come with a full commercial usage licence allowing you to complete your projects & market them at will. (For full details please see here)