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Guardians Bundle

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About this Bundle

Become a champion of war, a defender of mystical fantasy worlds, with the brand new Guardians Bundle.

This exclusive collection features nine Steam PC games across two tiers, with seven new-to-bundle titles included. So, where will you begin, brave warrior?

Choose Tier One and you’ll receive three games. Take on the role of a demon based on Indian mythology and seek vengeance against the God-King in top-down hack and slash Asura: Vengeance Expansion; use turn-based battle tactics and unique heroes to fend of hordes of monsters in adventure strategy Guards; and stimulate your senses in a high-octane hyperkinetic shooter inspired by Akira with Rym 9000.

Opt for Tier Two and you’ll receive the above plus six additional games to experience. Enjoy quirky dark comedy mixed with stealth action gameplay in Attack of the Earthlings; head into battle to save princess Kitty and her kingdom in retro action platformer Jet Set Knights; and uncover the secrets hidden within tropical islands while escaping your captors in puzzle adventure Odyssey - The Story of Science.

Protect the lands from the evil Dragon Lord in hex-grid strategy battles with Guards of the Gate; lead mankind’s remaining survivors in an all-out war against drone armies and AI soldiers with action shoot ‘em up ALLTYNEX Second; and head to the Wild West as a bounty hunter on a mission to find the Legendary Lost Treasure in action-adventure RPG Gunman Tales.

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