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Halloween Horror Comics Bundle (Featuring Night of the Living Dead) background

Halloween Horror Comics Bundle (Featuring Night of the Living Dead)

Halloween Horror Comics Bundle (Featuring Night of the Living Dead)
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About this Bundle

It’s the goriest time of the year! Fanatical is proud to partner with the masters of the macabre, American Mythology to bring you a blood-soaked splatterfest, full of Halloween icons and Horror-fueled comics full of tantalising terror.  

In this jam-packed bundle, we start with a series of comics from the legend that gave birth to the zombie apocalypse; George Romero. Sink your teeth into and feast your eyes upon the iconic Night Of The Living Dead series in all its gory glory. 

Taking you back to the farmhouse that started it all. Get ready for surprises and unexpected twists along the way as the series explores the lost tales of how our group of wayward travellers came to find each other on a dark and ghoul-filled night!

The next stop is the manic carnage of Willy's Wonderland! Discover the events before the janitorial rampage from the 2021 Nick Cage film horror hit.

With more blood than an upturned blood bank in these gruesome prequel comics; join Willy, Ozzie, Arty, Cammy, Tito, Gus, Sara, and Knighty Knight through plasma-soaked homicidal birthday parties. It's your birthday and they want you to have Fun!

Hacking his way from film to comic, comes Victory Crowley, the unstoppable deformed killing machine.

With a series of over-the-top goretastic stories and a splice of dark humour added for good measure. Hatchet Halloween is a must-have for any fright fans.

Keeping with the film-to-comic trend comes the incredible Fright Night 1 & 2 from the disturbed genius of Tom Holland. The series follows on from the cult classic 1985 film and sees an ancient evil has clawed its way back from the abyss. Packed with more vampires than you can shake a stake at, this series is a true must-have.

Keeping with the sharp-fanged undead, we have the Eternal Thirst of Dracula series to sink your teeth into.

The series sees the Lord of the Undead himself in self-imposed exile on a remote island in the Philippines.

A new take on Bram Stoker's classic creation like you've never seen before. Dracula must face a hideous enemy lurking on the horizon that could destroy all that the original Dark Lord has built.

The Monster mash is in full force with the howlingly good American Mythology Monsters series. With a variety of short stories and a cadaverous cast of characters, we all know and love.  It’s truly a graveyard smash!

Beware this mistress of the dark arts and her devilish stories. She tells her tales to the unfortunate victims as their life drains. You can experience these tantalising tales of terror in the so-called safety of your own home, in Beware the Witches Shadow 

Finishing this collection perfectly is the 1st instalment of Two-Gun Terror. Grab your six-shooter and your rosary beads as you're taken on a demonic coach ride through the haunted old West. Packed full of creature carnage and skeletal outlaws. This collection of campfire capers will send shivers up your spine.

This amazing collection of comics comes in PDF format and contains Mature Content.