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Headshot Bundle

Headshot Bundle
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About this Bundle

Look down the sight, focus your breathing, follow the target, squeeze the trigger...

Sharpshooters and chaotic run & gun gamers, you don't want to miss our new Something for the Weekend bundle. Introducing the Headshot Bundle, featuring 5 Steam games that will throw players into first-person shooter action - going up against military soldiers, robots and mutated snowmen!

Like your close-quarter tactical combat? Enjoy a new breed of war games with Insurgency, the indie FPS which sees players take on mission-based objectives across the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia maps - in both multiplayer and co-operative warfare.

Work as a team through 16 different game modes with a variety of offense and defense-based challenges and over 40 weapons to choose from.

Why not jump into a parody game show from the 22nd century in Killing Room, where mutated monsters come at you thick and fast. Use everything from heavy machine guns and futuristic blasters to garden shears and a flyswatter in an attempt to survive each of the intense rogue-like, high difficulty levels.

Let online audiences decide what perks and handicaps you receive during online streams to mix things up!

If you're a fan of the DOOM series, then you'll want to check out UNLOVED. Set in a twisted horrifying reality, this gory action shooter - based on the community award-winning mod for DOOM 2 - sees up to 4 players travel through procedurally-generated levels surviving against demons and abhorrent monsters.

Customize your character, equip trinkets for additional abilities, and head into some good old-fashioned, fast-paced action.

Speaking of DOOM, if you love the retro FPS games, System Shock: Enhanced Edition will take you one heck of a nostalgic journey. Become a renowned hacker and venture through the depths of space as you blast killer cyborgs into pieces of scrap.

If you enjoy a good FPS but don't want to get into too many heated battles, we've got a stealthier choice for you. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a 'spiffing' and thrilling shooter set in a procedurally-generated British landscape, where players must scavenge for food and flee from robotic foes.

It's silly, scary and pretty addictive due to its vast sandbox elements!

PEGI rating of 12
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