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Indie Gems Bundle 2

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About this Bundle

Add some sparkle into your Steam PC Library with this 8-game collection! Find your next gaming treasure in our new Indie Gems Bundle 2 and enjoy highly-rated games and new-to-bundle titles.

Defeat the Ninth Legion of the Roman army with side-scrolling, arcade-style beat ‘em up action in the new-to-bundle Wulverblade, or stick to puzzles in an adventure game with a great art style and humor-filled story in Kelvin and the Infamous Machine. 

If more heartfelt stories are the jewel in your gaming library’s crown then look no further than the memorable Old Man’s Journey. The award-winning and powerful tale of an old man’s life, loss, and hope will stay with you for a long time afterward.

With Lethe - Episode One, you can immerse yourself in a survival horror game that is not just full of scary beings, but a dark and atmospheric world that will leave you frightened. The beloved title may not be for the faint of heart but if you have the nerve then it’s a visually stunning game that will give you the chills.

There are lots of delicious treats to enjoy in this new and exclusive bundle too. Cook up a delicious feast with the ‘Very Positive’ rated Cook, Serve, Delicious! If that’s not to your taste then you can also immerse yourself in a world full of freakish inhabitants with the survival game Wrongworld. It won’t just be fun, but also one of the best games you’ve played in the genre.

The excellent Equilinox offers you a chance to shine. This relaxing nature simulation allows you to cultivate and raise hundreds of different animals and plants and has a massive 93% positive rating on Steam! Or be a retail owner in a fantasy world with the popular Shoppe Keep. With over 100,000 players stocking the shelves and defending their business, it’s a popular game for fans of the management genre.


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