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Indie Multiplayer Bundle

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Sorry - This bundle has now ended.
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About this Bundle

Never leave a fellow gamer behind! Enjoy both offline and online sessions together with the brand-new Indie Multiplayer Bundle - including three new-to-bundle titles!

Experience the rush in high-octane racing and plan the perfect battle strategy in fantasy warfare across a total of seven Steam PC games, all focused on multiplayer entertainment. Race your mini RCs across kitchen counters and other crazy courses in Tinker Racers; avoid getting ‘flat-packed’ in a comical shooter where you’ll control and hide among boxes in What The Box?; and go gung-ho as you attempt to knock your opponents off the Floating Frontier in Western-style FPS Sky Noon.

Use your co-operation and communication skills to solve puzzles or explode trying in ‘Very Positive’ rated co-op Indie Death Squared; fight in massive siege battles and decide the fate of Humans, Elves, and Orcs in turn-based fantasy strategy Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition; and team up in devilish multiplayer action with ghost-busting weapons at the ready in action-adventure platformer Extreme Exorcism.

If you’re looking for some gruesome combat action, be sure to jump into the post-apocalyptic world of Bloodsports.TV and work with fellow players to protect the Missile Silo against horrific beasts and outlaws in hack ‘n slash survival battles.

The Indie Multiplayer Bundle is a great chance for you to pick up some new games to play with your friends and family, whether they're looking to play together online or locally!

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