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Interstellar Space: Genesis Complete Edition

Interstellar Space: Genesis Complete Edition
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About Interstellar Space: Genesis Complete Edition

About this bundle

This pack includes the Interstellar Space: Genesis base game as well as its two expansion packs: Natural Law, and Evolving Empires.

Interstellar Space: Genesis

Build a thriving galactic empire and discover the secrets of the galaxy in this epic turn-based space 4X strategy game. Colonize worlds, do diplomacy or engage enemies in tactical turn-based combat on your journey to becoming the ruler of the galaxy!

Interstellar Space: Genesis - Natural Law

This expansion features 2 new races, each fully equipped with their own fleets sets and unique new capabilities which are also usable by custom races. It also includes 9 new fully animated ruler options, 4 new music tracks, and 4 new leaders!

Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires

This expansion brings two major new features into the game, Evolutions and Minor Civilizations. While these features provides tons of new content on their own, this expansion also includes 7 new leaders and 2 new music tracks!

Game Details

Release Date:
August 21, 2023
Praxis Games
Interstellar Space Genesis