Kingdom Wars Triple Pack

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Enter the battlefield and save your kingdoms with the Kingdom Wars Triple Pack
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About Kingdom Wars Triple Pack

About this bundle

Enter the battlefield and save your kingdoms with the Kingdom Wars Triple Pack, this pack contains the following:

  • Medieval Kingdom Wars
  • Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
  • Kingdom Wars 4

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat with Medieval Kingdom Wars. With this Steam PC key, you'll experience a fresh perspective to the grand strategy genre, combining it with a full-on real-time approach, and daring to go where few strategy games have ventured before.

Redefining Medieval Grand Strategy, by combining historical accuracy, a huge living and changing world, and historical quests, all in a real-time environment. Build your cities, wage your wars, serve your king, and experience siege combat with a degree of brutality never seen before.

Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition

An intense real-time strategy game set in a dark fantasy world of Orcs, Elves and Dragons. It combines the best of Zombie survival and long term crafting with complex fast-paced city building. Engage in skirmish siege combat that turns beautiful landscapes into gory blood-soaked battlefields.

Kingdom Wars 4

It's 1347, the time of the Hundred Years' War. You take on the role of one of 200 Minor Lords or Kings from the time period. Be a minor noble in Ottomans court, an earl in Ireland, or Emperor of Byzantium, and rewrite history by fighting to preserve your empire, and prevent the spread of the Black Death across Europe.

You bear the burden of leadership and must decide how to keep your people safe. Act swiftly, using diplomacy or military might, but do not hesitate or the consequences will be dire. History has shown the critical importance of sound leadership in times of great crisis, even as we face these dangers now.



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Release Date:
February 09, 2023
Reverie World Studios
Kingdom Wars
Base Building


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