Lies of P - Deluxe Edition

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You are a puppet created by Geppetto who’s caught in a web of lies with unimaginable monsters and untrustworthy figures standing between you and the events that have befallen the world of Lies of P.
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About Lies of P - Deluxe Edition

About this bundle

Developed and published by NEOWIZ

The city of Krat has experienced horrors unlike ever before — the once-faithful servants in the puppets have turned gnarly, destroying everything and everyone in their wake. Take control of Pinnochio, Geppeto's greatest puppet, as you embark on a journey to defeat the mechanical foe and free Krat.

A True Boy

Wake up to a mysterious voice calling out for you as you take control of Pinnochio and embark on a quest to find Geppeto and protect the humans of Krat. Throughout your journey, you will find many characters to interact with and stories to unfold, given the opportunity to interact with them and make choices.

Truth or Lie

Use the dialogue system to make decisions that might impact more than you know. Despite Pinnochio's advanced mechanisms, all puppets must obey to the four rules set by the Grand Covenant — the fourth of which states a puppet can never lie. But with your powers, will you run the risk of what might happen if you lie... or stick to the truth and suffer the consequences? You might not like the outcome either way...

Battle Through Krat

Armed with the Gemini and your weapon, you'll need to head out into the city to fight against enemies with one original purpose: find Geppeto. To accomplish this goal, however, you'll need to fight through a range of puppets that will try to put a stop to you.

Various Fighting Styles

There are a plethora of puppets to fight against, all of which have unique abilities and attacks that you'll need to learn. From regular ones that will stop you to boss-level puppets that will take several tries to master, use your battle expertise to find your way through.

A Unique Soulslike

NEOWIZ has added many unique things to the game to ensure it stands out. Use your robotic arm to have various gadgets that will give you the edge in battle; block, parry, and roll your way through fights; and use a refillable potion that gets additional uses depending on the damage you've dealt.

Customise Your Weapons

Use various abilities connected to different hilts and blades that will give you an edge in battle. Alongside these unique abilities, use the individual hilts and blades to connect them to others, giving you a new, unique weapon with stats and skills attached to both components. 

Set in a Belle Époque Era

The city of Krat is a beautiful place inspired by the Belle Époque era! With this world, you'll never grow bored of the sights you'll have, even with the stains of blood that line the streets and the rampant puppets that run amok.

Deluxe Edition

Explore the city of Krat with style by purchasing the Deluxe Edition! With this edition of the game, you will get the Great Venigni's Signature Coat and Glasses to spruce up your look alongside the mast that was worn by those that were preparing for the festival. And if that wasn't enough, you'll also get a 72-hour early access to the game, ensuring you can explore the world and master the tricks before everyone else!

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