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Medibang Mammoth Manga Comics Bundle

Medibang Mammoth Manga Comics Bundle
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265 Awesome comics-13100+ pages
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About this Bundle

Build your monumental collection of fascinating anime reads with the Medibang Mammoth Manga Comics Bundle.

Featuring a staggering 265 new-to-Fanatical comics, available in 28 products across two available tiers, you’ll be in awe of the ever-popular Japanese hand-drawn artwork with heroic and surreal stories to be discovered.

Tier One delivers five products, which includes over 40 digital comics to enjoy. Follow Kazan and his Grandpa’s quest to rid the world of all evil Keshin users in Keshin Chapter 1 to Chapter 24; discover whether Han Xin will follow his destiny as the Great War looms over the Qing’s dynasty with Pacified Storm Chapter 1 to Chapter 13; and observe Oumi Shigemori’s attempts to take his entrepreneur skills on the road in search of fortune in The Merchant King - plus more great comics.

Or why not go all out and treat yourself to Tier Two of the bundle to get all 265 digital comics. Experience unforgettable encounters as Kato takes his first steps towards knighthood in EQUITES Chapter 1 to Chapter 23; follow an international pop idol’s journey of stardom to dodging deadly enemies out to thwart her career (and life) in WARUGINIA Chapter 1 to Chapter 19; and learn of the swordless samurai with Masakazu Suzuki’s artistic anime-style drawings in Rogue Samurai Volume 1 and Rogue Samurai Volume 2 - plus many more awesome comics!


The digital comics available in this collection are available in PDF and EPUB format.


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