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Medibang Manga Comic Bundle

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Get £239.72 worth of digital comics
108 Awesome comics-9700+ pages
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About this Bundle

Feast your eyes on stunning Japanese style artwork and dive into unique stories with the Medibang Manga Comic Bundle - featuring three FREE digital comics to enjoy!

With four tiers of comics to choose from, you’ll get to explore historical, mythical and futuristic tales written by accomplished Manga authors.

Why not treat yourself to some free comics with Tier One, where you’ll travel back thousands of years to read about the fountain of youth in Chrysanthemum Boy; follow the story of a young man’s affection for the most beautiful mermaid to ever exist in The Key In The Cage; and a delicately woven tale of human nature about bravery and boundaries in A Long Stay.

Choose Tier Two and you’ll receive Tier One’s content alongside an additional 18 Manga comics. Enjoy a futuristic yet comical take on what mankind will become in Country Called America; follow the adventures of a time looping elite Office Lady named Komori as she encounters a long forgotten love in Repeating Your End Together - Chapter 1 to 5; take an adventurous ride to the west with full colored pages of manga in Journey To The West Girls - Chapter 1 to 10; and much more!

If you choose Tier Three, you’ll receive Tier One & Two content plus an extra 37 comics to enjoy. Join a rookie inspector and his magic-wielding sister as they attempt to solve grotesque and eerie cases in Witch Sister - Chapter 1 to 5; witness heroine Setona’s next courageous battle against sinister entities in romantic historical drama The Hunt Vol. 1; follow the dark twists and turns as a group of hikers make a climb that they will never forget in Oblation - Chapter 1 to 8; and many more!

Or opt for Tier Four and you’ll get access to an incredible 108 awesome comics, with over 9,700 beautifully created pages for fans of traditional and modern art to appreciate. Experience a genuine cycling road race manga that will lit fire in your heart and make you want to go to the distant Alpe d'Huez with BIKINGS - Volume 1 to 8; see how a legendary figure brought about national revolution through one epic novel with Jose Rizal - Chapter 1 to 10; and much more!

All digital comics in this bundle are available in EPUB and PDF format.