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About this Bundle

We've gone MEGA with our brand-new bundle of awesome Indie Steam PC titles. Treat yourself to a supersized selection of great games with the Mega Bundle 4!

From atmospheric stories and chilled solo adventures to gripping shooter action and awe-inspiring fantasy worlds, this line-up of 20 PC titles will bring you hours of fun no matter what game genre or playstyle you’re itching to play next.

Optimize your warrior with unique talents and dive into dangerous challenges with roguelite dungeon crawler One Deck Dungeon; follow New York lawyer turned bold adventurer Kate Walker on intriguing mysterious missions across the globe in point & click puzzlers Syberia and Syberia II; and enter brutal WWII combat in across 19 massive single-player missions and competitive online multiplayer with real-time strategy Men of War.

Help a demonic child run riot by using your wicked abilities on unsuspecting victims in dark adventure Lucius III; battle across the lands of Alahan and clear your name in tactical strategy RPG Aarklash: Legacy; and call the shots as you build your own car company from the ground up in strategy management sim Epic Car Factory.

Roar through the skies in authentic warplanes and battle enemy forces in WWII flight sim Combat Wings: Battle of Britain; send your bots into randomly-generated mazes and takedown your opponents in gripping top-down shooter action with Deployment; and hunt down fellow players before you fall victim in what Rock Paper Shotgun called “The best version of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer” in action stealth strategy Murderous Pursuits.

Use prehistoric beasts to devour and crush your foes in multiplayer action shooter Dino D-Day; shoot and jump your way through a cutesy abstract world with hundred of levels in action FPS Lovely Planet; and cause destruction as you carve your own story on islands full of secrets in open-world RPG Xenus 2. White gold.

Indulge Mr. X's fantasies and play your part in a brutal hunt aboard a mysterious vessel in action stealth The Ship: Murder Party; build weapon towers and defenses to save your offspring in tower defense strategy PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate; and manipulate your cavernous surroundings in order to save a team of trapped scientists in PixelJunk Shooter.

Redirect deadly traps set out by the Romans and protect the son of God in Indie puzzle Save Jesus; find sneaky shortcuts to help passengers get about town and be mindful of onlookers and law enforcement in driving sim Taxi; and show exceptional bravery in the line of duty while under pressure in open-world crime sim Enforcer: Police Crime Action.

Take the war to the invaders and reunite lost kingdoms in turn-based strategy Legions of Ashworld - featuring fantasy battles against kings, wizards and fearsome creatures!


Please note: PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate and PixelJunk Shooter are delivered as a single Steam PC key bundle.

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