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Mega Music Collection Lite Royalty Free Bundle

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About this Bundle

Get access to a prodigious line-up of amazing sound packs that will boost your video and audio projects to new heights with the Mega Music Collection Lite Royalty Free Bundle - featuring up to 17 products across three tiers.

With over 150 tracks available from composer Andrew Sitkov, you’ll find the ideal audio for your video game project and other editing creations with a wide variety of genres to choose from.

With Tier One, you’ll receive five packs to get you started. Use powerful, epic orchestral tracks with the Adventure Music Pack; use dynamic audio to lift the excitement with the Action Game Music Pack; and set the scene for those voyages to planets and galaxies with the Cosmos Music Pack.

Get roaring rocking tunes that raise the energy with the Old School Rock Music Pack; and create drama in your trailers, teasers, and intros with action scenes with the Electronic & Industrial Music Pack.

Choose Tier Two and you’ll get Tier One’s content plus an extra six packs to play around with. Get a fun compact collection of background music and title themes with Casual & Arcade Game Loops; immerse your audience in the medieval and ancient adventure world with the Medieval and Adventure Game Music Loops; and use a blend of electronic and orchestral elements to spice up action-packed scenes with Action Powerful Music Loops.

Take your audience to a galaxy far away and get that space-age vibe with the Space Adventure Music Pack; create the tension of conflict and see heroes rise or fall with the Battle Scenes Music Pack; and scare the wits out of unsuspecting victims with an essence of suspense and horror with the Scary and Mystical Music Pack.

Or go all-out and choose Tier Three and acquire all 17 packs included in the bundle. Get a blockbuster-type sound with energetic melodies for your projects with the Big Commercial Music Collection; set heroic scenes and create a dramatic atmosphere with the Fantasy Adventure Game Music Pack; and create the adrenaline-pumping aura of war with the Epic Battle Trailers Music Pack.

Use the Energy & Action Rock Music Pack to deliver dynamic heavy and powerful rock tracks for your action-based projects; unlock atmospheric electronic and Neo-Ambient tracks with the Electronic Abstract Music Pack; and use upbeat audio to bring your happy content to life with the Casual Game Music Pack - ideal for background music for positive videos, games, and children & kids projects.



License Notes:

1. A Licence grants to the Buyer non-exclusive and non-transferable lifetime worldwide rights to use music assets in multimedia projects like online videos (also YouTube), websites, animations, games, films, etc.

Purchaser can use assets in own personal use and commercial projects.

2. A Licence does not allow the Buyer to:

I) claim seller's music as own;

II) register and sell music in any store/platform;

III) redistribute and sublicense music assets other than as part of the relevant project.

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