Meow Lab & Kittens and Yarn Pack

Meow Lab & Kittens and Yarn Pack
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About Meow Lab & Kittens and Yarn Pack

About this bundle

Get yourself the purrfect pack to accomodate your time with the Meow Lab & Kittens and Yarn pack, this pack contains the following titles:

  • Meow Lab
  • Kittens and Yarn


Meow Lab

Why don't you use that funny contraption over there and make the kitten a little bit busier? It will be simple, just connect all the blocks correctly to release some food for the cat.

But why am I saying all these things to myself? I think I'm working too hard. I'll just solve a few more puzzles and then I swear I'll take a break.

It's very simple, there are different types of blocks and what you need to do is move or rotate each one to the right position. I know! Have you forgotten who created this here?

And what’s with this awesome song that you put on now? She is a very talented artist that I met online. Great, isn’t she?!

Main features

  • No score-keeping, no timer and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your time and have fun with the kitten.
  • 50 unique levels, where the challenge increases in each level with more and more blocks.
  • Original soundtrack with songs and effects designed exclusively for the best possible experience.


Kittens and Yarn

Lots of cuteness and mess! That's exactly what you get for having several kittens at home.

Kittens and Yarn is a cute and minimalist puzzle game where it's up to you to untangle the yarns by simply swapping the pieces.


  • Relaxing - No scoring, no timer, and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience.
  • Simple control - You can play by just clicking on the pieces with the left mouse button.
  • Level progression - Unique levels, where the challenge increases with each level with more pieces and yarns.
  • Great soundtrack - Music and effects exclusively designed to give you the best experience.

Game Details

Release Date:
June 17, 2021
Pinel Games