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Moonshine Inc. - Supporter Edition learn the art of moonshining! Build a secret base, set up production, fermentation, distillation, and bottling.
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About Moonshine Inc. - Supporter Edition

About this bundle

Learn the art of moonshining! Build a secret base, set up production, fermentation, distillation, and bottling. Mix 50+ ingredients, discover 100+ recipes, unlock new technologies. Pick your ride, hit the road, and earn clients' respect. Watch out! Ain't nothin' illegal 'til you get caught...

The main goal of Moonshine Inc. is to recreate the life of a real American moonshiner as authentically as possible. Fermentation and distillation are simulated using exact formulas. With various goals, objectives, and product demands, you will be challenged to create the best moonshine and ensure the prosperity of your business by remaining discreet and not drawing the attention of the authorities.

However, while your business grows, you will not escape the ever-vigilant eye of the authorities. You'll be harassed by corrupt sheriffs, a particular ATF agent, and even a corrupt governor calling for the new prohibition era. With the help of his younger sister Elly-Jane and old grand-uncle Donald, you will have to face all the above and beyond, from the competition to the general challenge of fighting Johnny Law.

As you gain experience and accumulate cash, you'll expand your facility, perfect your craft, develop your distribution network, and face threats from the authorities, who are determined to take you down. Who knows, maybe you will be the one dealing cards in this game one day?

Supporter Edition comes with the Moonshine Inc. Supporter Pack - a collection of digital goodies including soundtrack, digital artbook, wallpapers and stickers! 


  • Create apparatus and recipes, both your own and those “borrowed” from legendary moonshiners who walked the Appalachian mountains before you. There are more than 30 different moonshining machines and apparatuses to discover, plus their modifications featured within a complete crafting system!
  • Unveil the detailed technology tree and unlock new modifications for your equipment. Create more creative and more complex recipes in order to win over new customers, try out different flavor profiles and crafting ideas you've always wanted to have a go at!
  • Keep an eye on the entire distillation process of your spirits, making sure that you’ve chosen the right equipment for the right alcohol. Many factors affect the moonshine quality: choose the heat source, set the flame rate, monitor the temperature, and decide on how much of each cut you’ll get.
  • Take care of distribution and equip your garage with new cars. Buy better vehicles in the Car Shop, customize them to upgrade their speed and capacity, and if necessary, have your employees take care of the repairs.
  • With over 100+ unique recipes to discover it’s up to your imagination what to brew. Experiment and mix different ingredients, add various, sometimes experimental yeast species, and find the perfect balance, perfecting the art of making Moonshine, Vodka, Brandy, and Whiskey.
  • There are over 50 different ingredients to choose from! Enjoy the variety and replayability of the game and take advantage of different tastes of the town and village folk!
  • The storyline features a lot of twists and a cast of colorful characters. It all starts with you making the biggest mistake of your life - and then it only gets worse! The Red Flag Police system, custom developed for the game, intelligently controls the behavior of the police and federal agents.


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