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Organs Please - Deluxe Edition

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The Organs Please — Deluxe Edition includes the game itself, along with the Organs Please: OST & Artbook.
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About Organs Please - Deluxe Edition

About this bundle

The Organs Please — Deluxe Edition includes the game itself, along with the items listed below:

Digital Artbook

This digital artbook (pdf format) contains 68 pages full of high quality concept art, sketches and models - everything that helped create such a complex and ambiguous world of Organs Please.

How much is a human life worth? Is it worth sacrificing one for many? And what if humanity as a species is under threat? Organs Please puts you in a situation where you have to answer these questions — in 30 days you need to build an ark to save humanity, and it is advisable to get in there yourself 

However, we did not want to turn the game's universe into an average dystopia. Through satire and black humor, our team wanted to better reveal the complexity and versatility of the game world.

In the artbook, you can see step by step how we searched for the right concepts to convey the atmosphere, individuality and mood of the game’s characters, factions and locations.

Original Soundtrack

This soundtrack contains 9 original compositions that were created as a result of a long search for a suitable genre — jazz, acid jazz, doom jazz, lounge, and experimental were all used as reference points. As a result, we created something special that fits Organs Please and supports the game’s theme.

To locate the Artbook & Soundtrack please follow these instructions

After installing the DLC, you can find its files in the Steam folder for soundtracks (steamapps\music), and also listen to the audio files in the Steam Music Player.

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