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Panzer Corps Bundle

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About this Bundle

It's time for some award-winning strategy gaming!

There aren't many WWII strategy franchises that have gained such a huge following as the Panzer Corps, and it's easy to see why. With the Panzer Corps Bundle, gamers can engage in warfare across 26 key scenarios as the Axis armies from as little as $2.99 - where gaining experience and upgrading units are vital if you want to lead your troops to victory.

Tier one includes the gripping base game and Grand Campaign '39 DLC -  featuring 14 all-new scenarios, improved artificial intelligence scripting and new campaign features to add hours of entertaining turn-based strategy gameplay. Opt for Tier two and you'll gain access to an additional five DLCs on top of Tier one!

And if that wasn't enough strategical battles and world war nostalgia to keep you occupied, players can go all-out and get the base game with 15 DLCs by choosing Tier five - which includes over $100 of content for just $14.99!

If you haven't experienced Panzer Corps before, and you're pining for some more turn-based strategy in your life, this bundle is a must-buy.

Please choose your tier carefully as you won't be able to upgrade later.


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